Our Capabilities

Ariel Optics specializes in fabricating ultra precision, laser quality optics with less than;
< 1/20 wave PV surface flatness and Transmitted Wavefront distortion,
< 5 angstrom surfaces quality/smoothness,
< .5 arc second parallelism,
< 1 arc second on prism angles,
and a wide variety of precision wedged optics.
At Ariel Optics we focus primarily on the manufacture of flat or “Plano” surfaced optics such as prisms,
wedge prisms, windows, wafers, etalons, mirrors, light pipes, transmission & reference flats, and filters in
a broad range of configurations & materials. We will work with you to meet your particular specifications.
Need a quick turnaround? Ariel’s Expedited Deliveries available upon request at time of order.
Everyone at Ariel is continually focusing on effective/efficient processes for shorter lead times.

Shop Equipment


Ariel Optics is an experienced manufacturer of custom precision plano optics in quantities of 1 – 1000, with
an average lead time of 2-3 weeks or less. We respond to demands of the competitive business climate

offering expedited deliveries when needed and maintaining custom inventory for some long run compo-
nents to insure our customers can meet or exceed MRP requirements. Establishing the appropriate Min/Max

quantities for a project insures consistent productivity and increases your success, no down time due to miss-
ing optics.

3 – 52″ GLASSMASTER continuous polisher
1 – 48″ Spitfire
4 – Yoshikawa rotary surface grinders
3 – GLASSMASTER diamond saws
24 – Polishing spindles
6 – Nikon 6D autocollimators
1 – Wild Spectrometer
12″ Zygo phase measuring interferometer
1 – 4″ Zygo phase measuring interferometer
with 4″ – 6″ Zygo beam converter
2 – Mantis stereo viewing system
1 – Moller- Wedel Elcomat collimator
2- #11 and #18 Blanchards Surface Grinders
4 – sets of PR1 Hoffmans